Harness Racing Track (Trabrennbahn) in Wels, Upper Austria, Austria (Europe).



Street: Rennbahnstraße

Postal code: 4600

City: Wels

Country: Austria (Europe)


Entrance: Messe Wels, North-Entrance

The AUSTRIAN 500 US-CAR DAYS annualy taking place at the infield of the Harness Racing Track of Wels.



Saturday gates open 9AM-11PM.

Sunday gates open 9AM-2:30PM.


Use the map to get to the AUSTRIAN 500 US-CAR DAYS.


For American car drivers please park your American car in the infield of the Harness Racing Track - there's enough parking space for you.

For our guests without an American car please park your car outside of the Harness Racing Track - there will also marked parking spaces for you.


Parking your car is for all our guests - no matter with or without an American - during the AUSTRIAN 500 US-CAR DAYS free of charge.